Healing wounds, building bridges, nurturing understanding

Sometimes the people closest to us are the ones we feel unable to turn to, perhaps because of shame, not wanting to burden them with our issues, or because they are part of the problem.

At Relationship Matters we provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to talk in confidence with a professional and highly qualified counsellor/psychotherapistWe work with individual adults, couples, parents, families and teams. 

At Relationship Matters we understand that anger, hurt and emotional distance can make talking feel impossible. We are skilled in bringing people together. Contact us if you are a couple who are suffering from a breakdown in communication, drifting apart or devastated by a betrayal and would benefit from couples counselling, a neutral third party to offer mediation or a couples workshop.

Contact us if you believe your committed relationship is over and you are finding it hard to discuss financial or parental issues constructively and need a third party to provide mediation; .

Contact us if you feel overwhelmed with the responsibility and challenges of being a parent and need help to communicate more successfully with your children or to feel more of a team with your partner. 

 At Relationship Matters we also provide corporate solutions to employee disputes through corporate mediation, staff counselling and Emergenetics workshops and team building programmes

However difficult it may seem now, at Relationship Matters we believe that it is possible to find a way to talk and be heard, to discover and rediscover connections, build and rebuild stronger relationships and learn to communicate in ways that enhance our sense of ourselves and our relationships with the people around us. 

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