Couples counselling


Committed relationships require a great deal of work to keep them healthy and satisfying and at times we can lose sight of our partner and begin to doubt aspects of the relationship. When this happens it can help to take time out to focus on the relationship together with a professional counsellor. Drawing on Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy,  we can assess the strengths and challenges in your relationship and together work through difficult issues such as emotional distance, betrayal, addictive behaviours, sexual relationships, intimacy, conflict and breakdown in communication. Together we will seek to reconnect you and your partner so that you are empowered to assess your relationship and agree a way forward. 

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Personality Profile for individuals and couples

Emergenetics is a multifaceted tool for understanding human behavior and the unique differences in the way people approach work and life.  Emergenetics combines sophisticated left-brain/right-brain analysis with behavioral tendencies, resulting in a clear, defined perspective on personality unlike any other.  With Emergenetics, you get a color-coded, easy-to-understand window into who a person truly is.  And, with over 350,000 people in the database and the backing of The Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, you know it’s a proven, accurate system to empower people to harness their optimal methods for thinking and action.

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Building a Successful Team – An Emergenetics® workshop for couples

This is a workshop for couples that wish to learn more about themselves and their unique couple personality and how their similarities and differences impact their relationship. Using the scientifically developed brain-based Emergenetics® Personality Profile, we will explore the dynamics of your unique couple, identifying strengths and challenges and how you each prefer to respond to love and affection and conflict. You will learn about your thinking and behavioural preferences and those of your partner, identify your ‘Love Language’ as written extensively on by Dr Gary Chapman and gain a deeper understanding of how conflict in your relationship impacts you as well as how you approach it and strategies for managing conflict more successfully in future.

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