At Relationship Matters we understand that there are many reasons why people choose counselling. The therapeutic relationship can be short and specific to help a person gain insight and process experiences at a difficult point in their life, or provide longer-term exploration and support in healing and overcoming past traumas and destructive unconscious behaviours.  In the first session we will discuss what has brought you to therapy and your expectations about the relationship and together create an outline of the issues we will begin to focus on. Over time our focus may shift as we explore your experiences and reach deeper insights and understanding, however we will continue to discuss our progress and you will remain in control of the relationship.

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Couples counselling


Committed relationships require a great deal of work to keep them healthy and satisfying and at times we can loose sight of our partner and begin to doubt aspects of the relationship. When this happens it can help to take time out to focus on the relationship together with a professional counsellor. Drawing on Gottman Method Couples Therapy we can assess the strengths and challenges in your relationship and together work through difficult issues such as emotional distance, betrayal, addictive behaviours, sexual relationships, intimacy, conflict and breakdown in communication. Together we will seek to reconnect you and your partner so that you are empowered to assess your relationship and agree a way forward. 

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