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FitChillout - 6 days in Bali 18–25th February 2017

Offered by Beata Justkowiak, Life Coach and Psychologist at Energising Goals

Yoga, Fitness workout, Slow Life coaching and RELAX

Feel the ENERGY and get active in surfstyle atmosphere.
FitChillout is about training both body & mind - in Bali.

Light up your life, get inspired and shine bright (almost like a diamond;) creating new healthy lifestyle.

You know yourself and your worries better than anyone else. 
Fit Chillout together with Slow Life coaching workshop will help you create a solution of your problems and find ways for the realization of the objectives set. We designed a fusion of body and mind training so that you can experience your life at its best again.

Every day you will train body and mind, but also you will have free time and then YOU ARE THE BOSS – deciding what’s the best way for you to chillout :)

You can dive-in and chill in the private swimming pool, catch up with books or suntan as much as you like. Taking advantage of the extra options you can have a relaxing Balinese massage (oooh yes, we do recommend it!), rent a motorbike/taxi and go to the beach, do café hopping in Seminyak or ride the waves with the help of professional instructors.

Visit www.fitchillout.com to see what we planned for you :)

Sign-up ends on 17th of December 2016.

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Building a Successful Team, An Emergenetics Workshop for Couples

This is a workshop for couples that wish to learn more about themselves and their unique couple personality and how their similarities and differences impact their relationship. Using the scientifically developed brain-based Emergenetics® Personality Profile, we will explore the dynamics of your unique couple, identifying strengths and challenges and how you each prefer to respond to love and affection and conflict. You will learn about your thinking and behavioural preferences and those of your partner, identify your ‘Love Language’ as written extensively on by Dr Gary Chapman and gain a deeper understanding of how conflict in your relationship impacts you as well as how you approach it and strategies for managing conflict more successfully in future.

Please contact us for further information and to book a place at our next workshop.

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