Building a Successful Team - An Emergenetics Workshop for Couples

Do you find yourself arguing with your spouse over a messy kitchen? Or perhaps feel frustrated because you are always the one planning your couple or family activities? Maybe you love to mingle at a party but feel irritated when your partner always sits in the corner?

It can be hard at times to stay positive in a relationship when you feel like your partner doesn't understand you or is critical of the way you approach life. Over time, we begin to take things personally. 

Emergenetics® is a psychometric tool that assesses a person’s thinking and behavioural preferences. Each person has a unique profile based on their genes and experiences which are brought together when two people form a committed relationship. Understanding our unique preferences help us clarify our personal assumptions about the other person and help strengthen the understanding and trust that is the foundation of any healthy relationship.


Do Opposites Attract?

An overview of Emergenetics and the principles of the thinking and behavioural attributes

·      Origins for the Emergenetics model

·      The thinking and behavioural attributes explained

·      Applications to work and life

Analyzing individual profiles

·      Understanding my profile 

·      What are my preferences?

How is this relevant to our couple?

·      What are our preferences? 

·      How does this affect our relationship?

Applying the WEapproach to improve communication

How to communicate love and affection 

       ‘The Five Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman and your Emergenetics Profile

How to manage conflict

·      Approaching conflict more effectively using the Gottman Method and your Emergenetics Profile

Celebrating your unique couple

       Taking a WEapproach to strengthening our couple

       Working through strengths and learning from challenges